They call me The Dice Woman…

…or at least, they would if there was any justice in the world.

I am completely obsessed with The Dice Man by Luke Rheinhart to the extent that I carry a dice with me wherever I go, just in case of emergency.

I love films a ridiculous amount (Dr Strangelove is my absolute favourite, in case you’re wondering – which I bet you ain’t…), comics (Preacher, Kabuki and Alex Ross are key), and videogames (Final Fantasy, Tekken and a wee bit of goold ol’ Sonic on the megadrive get me hot and bothered).

I live in Edinburgh, after spending a good chunk of my early years – nearly all of them, in fact – in the Granite Fortess that is Aberdeen. I’m studying to be a journalist, but aspiring to become a sub-editor. I’m also dreading the day I have to show this page to potential employers in order to display my many talents and extremely geeky knowledge of CSS.

Enjoy. I know I do.



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