a little something to kick off the proceedings…

So, after much humming – and lots more hawing – I have decided that this blog will document the various sites i come across on StumbleUpon – a diary of internet travel and exploration. (Geez – am I always that pretentious?!)

First up:

A concept MP3 Player from designer Chetan Sorab.

the bloc mp3 player

The main unit houses an OLED screen, 4-way directional toggle, and 50MB of memory.

the bloc mp3 player

You can add memory to it by snapping on another block, just like Lego.

via Yanko Design

How cool is that? I love a bit of lego – but not duplo, that was for pre-schoolers and dumb people – and anything done in lego form (think THAT ace Michel Gondry  – or was it Spike Jonze – music vid for The White Stripes.)

The 80’s seem to have made a massive comeback, which is lucky for those of us ‘cool’ enough to have been brought up in that era. Is it just me, or do kids always envy the last generation’s golden era? I remember there was a big hippy/flower power phase when I was a wee nipper…




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